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Traveland was one of São Paulo’s highest regarded corporate travel agencies, known for putting together stellar business trips to increase the technical knowledge and engage employees of big companies. For years, they had worked with top clients from the agribusiness and financial markets.


When Traveland first came to FutureBrand São Paulo, looking to redesign its website, it was clear to us that the services they provide go far beyond the scope of a travel agency: their main purpose is to share powerful pieces of knowledge that generate value for people and businesses alike. In this context, traveling is just one of the means to achieve an end.

This finding paved the way for an extensive and challenging project. How to define a business that cross the boundaries of its segment and create a brand that comprehends a wide range of unique, versatile solutions?


A new brand positioning unveiled the company’s values and qualities, highlighting their humane approach and vast repertoire. Tightening their solutions together, the concept “Traveler’s State of Mind” captured their desire of putting people in contact with the unknown, open to the potential of their surroundings.

A new name was also in order: Verte (a Portuguese word for “Change”) shifted the focus from the travel solutions and conveyed the true goal of their work. This new reach was then translated into a bold visual identity, from the vivid colors to a logo that is able to expand itself.


Finishing the project with a full revision of their portfolio and a launching strategy, we helped to create new business opportunities and to present Verte to their contributors, clients and partners. The brand united Verte’s team under a clear purpose: on the few months that followed the change, they already developed new solutions for the clients they already had and expanded their presence throughout unexplored market segments.