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Acqua Panna

Curaters of beauty, embellishing simple moments

Since 1564, Acqua Panna® has been the ambassador of fine Italian waters. 2022 marks the starting point of a New Era for Acqua Panna®: a purposeful existence, become the guardian of cultivating natural and cultural beauty. FutureBrand partnered with Nestlé Waters to bring to life Acqua Panna®’s new brand purpose through an iconic redesign that conveys high-end positioning and honors its Tuscan roots.

Armed with insights into the Tuscan spirit and lifestyle, there was an opportunity to develop a modern, premium, and ownable visual universe that would resonate with consumers in their daily life. Creation and reinvention of brand assets were at the center of our work. Acqua Panna®’s brand iconicity is now carried by a lily icon and a tailormade key visual that tells its rich origin story. The established orange is now complemented with the Firenze purple, another way to pay tribute to the region. The resulting visual universe is premium, authentic, and centered around the pillars of taste, beauty, and cultural heritage.

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“FutureBrand has been a strong strategic partner for Acqua Panna. Great strategic thinking, expertise and an endless passion nurtured the team spirit to achieve an outstanding result.”

Teresa Previti - Brand Manager, Acqua Panna.
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