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CHOCAPIC®, the renowned cereal brand, aims to be known as the go-to choice for children by blending pleasure with social and sustainable responsibility. To fulfill this ambition, the brand partnered with FutureBrand Paris to redefine its visual identity and packaging. Designed to reconnect parents and children with the brand, the new visual identity is a perfect balance between taste, nutritional quality, sustainability, and fun. CHOCAPIC®'s graphic universe has been redesigned to better showcase the naturality of the product and enhance its taste appeal, adopting a modern illustration style that ensures uniformity across all communication platforms.

We breathed new life into Pico, CHOCAPIC®'s iconic mascot, elevating his presence and fully integrating him into the brand’s narrative. Through strategic work, we crafted Pico with personality traits that resonate with children, embodying him with a playful spirit that encourages adventure and engagement. Pico now engages directly with consumers through dynamic and expressive interactions, visually maintaining a constant, friendly smile and eye contact. The storytelling on the packaging’s back immerses children into CHOCAPIC®'s world, where Pico's adventures are depicted in realistic settings. More than just entertainment, it highlights the brand's commitments with educational initiatives, such as raising awareness about ingredient sourcing through interactive content and quizzes.


FutureBrand fully understood and embraced CHOCAPIC® new brand positioning . The team brilliantly translated it into an impactful and tasty new visual identity for the brand, with very fun & educational backs of pack alternatives.

Nolwenn Forges, Global Associate Marketing Manager CHOCAPIC®

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