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Evolving a global icon


For more than 60 years NESQUIK® has stood for its ability to turn milk into a unique irresistible chocolate milk beverage.

Building on its success, the new design re-enforces this much loved brand’s nutritional credentials while also giving it a contemporary refresh.


FutureBrand maintained the vibrant, distinctive NESQUIK® yellow as primary colour, while making it more natural through the rising sun – the perfect start to a happy, active day.

“From the sun comes the path to empowering kids for the day ahead, through a great tasting, nutritionally balanced breakfast”

explains Marshall Ward, Senior Vice President Europe at FutureBrand.

FutureBrand developed a new architecture, designed to clearly communicate the variant and its specific benefits and reasons to believe across categories and markets.

The Agency also evolved and modernised the global trademark to capture and convey a new warmth and approachability, using the white outline to communicate the product idea of milk compliment, which is further reinforced by the droplet that forms the dot over the ‘I’.

In collaboration with McCann, FutureBrand gave a a contemporary new look to the iconic, much loved character QUICKY®, making him more relevant in a ‘Pixar’ world.


The new packaging design system is the perfect blend of the new brand assets, telling the new brand and product stories.