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In 1959, Simu conceptualized and created the first tubular motor, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Over the years, the Somfy’s brand has consistently provided its B2B and industrial clients with products that are not only efficient and high-quality but also tailored to meet their specific needs. Despite its initial status as a pioneer, Simu started to blend into a highly competitive market, losing its distinctive edge. Recognizing the need to reassert its position as an industry leader, Simu enlisted FutureBrand Paris to overhaul its brand identity, grounding it with its newly developed brand platform.

Simu’s rebranding led to the creation of a new logo that merges modernity with the brand's iconic square heritage. Alongside the logo, a main graphic element is introduced – the Simu’s Frame, symbolizing the company's relationship with its clients. Each component of the Frame represents the partnership between Simu and its clients, evoking a window opening – a nod to the core of Simu's business. The color palette was revamped, shifting to a more professional and industrial aesthetic, with dark blue as the main color supported by light blue and white. We established a distinctive iconography style, which emphasizes people, products and technology, highlighting Simu's expertise and values.

240201 1 SIMU posters copie
240201 2 SIMU TEMPLATE copie

“Thanks to Futurebrand's expertise, the BtoB brand "SIMU" underwent a modern and impactful transformation. Their constant availability and responsiveness facilitated the development of a cohesive graphic platform throughout 2023. Internal and external feedback is unanimous: the new brand image is outstanding— thank you to the Futurebrand team for this collaboration.”

Cécile Janvier - Multibrand Communication Manager at SOMFY Group
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