Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon, a tribute to greatness

Built on centuries of unique expertise, a pioneering spirit, and a sense of celebration, Moët & Chandon has been sharing the magic of champagne with the world since 1743. While today the brand is the most widely consumed champagne in the world, it has built on its past successes for many years, diluting its originality and iconic character. Today, perceived as a safe choice for consumers, how can we reignite their excitement and provide an inspiring experience rooted in purpose? Moët & Chandon and FutureBrand embarked on a transformative journey to craft a profound and distinctive brand identity for the French champagne house and unleash its purpose: sharing success and glamour with the world. For months, we delved into the brand's roots to redefine the essence of its new codes.

The crown emblem, a symbol of greatness and celebration, is modernized and takes centre stage in a refined logo that features essential brand assets and represents the heart of the house. By magnifying the ancestral crests that bond the two houses of Moët & Chandon, we fuse quality, prestige, and savoir-faire, elevating the brand's premium status. To enhance the visual identity, we introduced the topography: a unique pattern honouring the grandeur of the vineyards. Reviving the brand's rich heritage, we carefully selected colours and textures echoing the house, terroir, and influencers of its past. Each element in this revitalized brand identity tells a compelling story woven into Moët & Chandon's essence. The result is a unique champagne experience that creates unparalleled moments of celebration while enhancing the brand leadership and capturing consumers' hearts.

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