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Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition adults face, yet 80% who have hearing loss do not get the help they need. Stigma around hearing aids and ageing is preventing people from acting as the industry is failing to represent them in a way that makes them feel relevant or understood. WS Audiology, the world’s largest audiology company, recognised their retail brand ‘HearUSA’ wasn’t cutting through the outdated, clinic-first approach that defines the category. They challenged FutureBrand to transform the brand into an industry-leading, omnichannel retailer who could champion the voice of the consumer and normalise hearing loss.

‘The Sound of the New Age’ is the idea created to modernise the entire customer experience – from visual identity to physical and digital retail channels. A powerful statement, it reflects HearUSA’s ambitions to break the stigma around hearing loss and help people take charge of their hearing health. Drawing from the exciting world of technology and lifestyle, the new visual identity embraces this idea by challenging perceptions of hearing care. Vibrant, brave, and unapologetic, it sets a new confident tone unseen in the category. A consistent language of sound vibration is echoed across the system, influencing all assets – from the logo symbol to icons to buttons and panels. Central to the transformation is a library of bespoke images that proudly depict customers as self-assured, relevant, and empowered; designed to puncture the generic lifestyle stock imagery which elsewhere is over-used and interchangeable. Together, they combine to create a progressive brand identity that promotes HearUSA as a brand where those with hearing loss can feel empowered to take control of their health.

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