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Transforming an American Icon

American Airlines was ready for a change in brand identity, to better reflect the significant investments they had made to their onboard and airport experience. After four decades of the same logo and livery, the airline wanted to develop a new brand universe that honoured its heritage while capturing the timeless spirit of modern America. In order to achieve this, American recognized the need to shift the organization’s mindset, using the new brand as a lens to make all decision-making and tapping into the truths that represent modern America.

American wanted to move away from simply flying planes to the idea of flying people - offering a network of destinations and a world of possibilities. We developed a new Brand Center and brand Helpdesk to support the brand transformation and ensure that the new identity conveys pride, innovation, opportunity, and progress while capturing the optimism and sense of possibility that are uniquely American Airlines.

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"A Brand Center provided teams a place to go for all things brand. The brand Helpdesk allows the Brand Team to manage the process of answering in-bound questions in an orderly fashion and supports the review & approval process of brand collateral produced by the global network."

Simon Hill - President, FutureBrand North America
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