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Atlantis Resorts

Creating Dubai’s newest icon

Dubai is synonymous with luxury tourism and hospitality and Atlantis The Palm is its most iconic hotel destination. In an increasingly competitive market, Kerzner International embarked on a journey to expand the resort. A second luxury property, Atlantis The Royal, was conceived – the most ultra-luxury five-star experiential resort in the world. Together, the two resorts would relaunch the Atlantis Dubai proposition to a unique destination and entertainment brand, the only one of its kind, incomparable to any competition.

FutureBrand were asked to develop a strategic positioning and visual identity fit for a destination so unique and exclusive it would redefine the luxury category and elevate it to unprecedented levels. As part of this transformative journey, the identity elements of Atlantis The Palm were refreshed in alignment with those of The Royal to create a cohesive brand experience between the properties, forming an ultimate destination brand.

Futurebrand atlantis the royal 5
Futurebrand atlantis the royal 1

“I personally have not seen such a perfect brand strategy be executed in the market so flawlessly, FutureBrand really did an amazing job translating this and bringing it to life.”

SuzieYo – Director of Destination Marketing and Strategy, Atlantis Dubai
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Futurebrand atlantis the royal 1
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“FutureBrand was the first agency to be kick-start this journey with us 4-5 years ago. They were an integral part of the birth of this brand. It is a success story from start to finish.”

Layan Al Hafi – Director of Marketing, Atlantis Dubai
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