Codifying a core truth into a category-of-one brand

In 2022, the $14.5 billion company PerkinElmer divested to focus on life science and diagnostics. It was a pivotal opportunity to codify their identity as a category-of-one brand and reinforce their extraordinary impact on a global stage. Our challenge was to codify the core truth that made it possible: a team of passionate experts, unafraid to take on the world’s greatest health challenges. Working closely with their team, we identified this as a powerful idea that could solidify their place as a category-of-one brand. A new, outside-in architecture strategy challenged the typical approach by organizing a portfolio based on audiences, not business units. This strategy reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to partnership, humanity, and personalisation and set the foundation for us to build a brand ecosystem that extends into every corner of its experience, from building signage to web design.


“Collaborating with FutureBrand has been a great experience; their innovative and future-thinking has been evident throughout our engagement. From management to execution, they performed as high-level collaborators and delivered excellent results. They took the time to intimately understand our organization, engaging in meaningful conversations and fostering relationships across our company that helped propel our work forward. They became true allies to our team, offering unwavering support as we navigated this exciting path toward launching a new brand.”

Dan Tereau, SVP Strategy & Business Development
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