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Compostable Collection

Nespresso, the iconic brand of premium coffee, embodies elegance, quality and innovation since its creation. In 2023, the brand presented its latest innovation: Compostable Collection, an ode to sustainability. The first Nespresso capsule, made from paper and totally compostable, even at home. To mark this important launch, it was essential for the brand to implement a retail concept, at the stake of the event. As guardian of the brand for more than 20 years, FutureBrand Paris supported Nespresso by transforming its boutiques into temporary masterpieces. With a creative retail commitment that showcases paper, the raw material at the very core of the project, pop-up spaces have been implemented in French and Swiss stores, with the ambition of being deployed worldwide next.

Scenographic spaces and unique tasting areas have been designed, involving the deployment of new furniture. At the heart of this transformation stands a monumental wall sculpture. A work of art inspired by and embodying the flexible elegance of paper. It became the emblem of the campaign, captivating the eye and inviting the curious to plunge into this new universe through its multiple parallel layers. Just like a red thread, we weaved the movement of the sculpture and its paper into every corner of the pop-up space. All the way to the window displays, where the organic curves of the paper blend harmoniously with gradations of hues, forming a tunnel inviting passers-by to enter to discover the rest of the experience. Sustainability being at the heart of the Compostable Collection, particular attention has been paid to materials, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, recycled paper and wood fiber. The launch of Compostable Collection is a celebration of grace, sustainability and authenticity. An experience where each detail tells a story, each item is a work of art, and each visitor is invited to explore the world of coffee in a new and captivating way.

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