FutureBrand - Sanofi


Rebranding Sanofi:
coming together around one purpose and one identity


FutureBrand has created a new corporate brand for the international healthcare company, Sanofi. The refreshed logo and visual identity unify Sanofi’s different business units under a single, modernised brand while reflecting a new shared purpose: “we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives”.


Growing from a series of acquisitions and mergers over the past 50 years, Sanofi has evolved into a diverse, multinational healthcare leader with a breadth of expertise in patient-centric solutions, scientific discovery and commitment to public health. However, the combination of numerous cultures and different brands resulted in a fragmented corporate identity that lacked coherence and modernity.

FutureBrand was tasked with creating a new purpose and identity that could shift Sanofi’s brand perception from a traditional “big pharma” to a modern healthcare company relentlessly dedicated to transforming the practice of medicine.


FutureBrand designed an ambitious new brand, giving Sanofi one clear identity while sending a strong signal internally and externally about the company they strive to become.

We talked to hundreds of internal and external stakeholders to develop the purpose: “We chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives”, which captures the emotional impact and outcome that a transformational medicine or vaccine can have for people.

The new logo is a representation of Sanofi’s new purpose and ambition, inspired by the simple and motion-oriented codes of the tech industry. The two purple dots embody the company’s scientific journey between a starting point – the curiosity of questioning the status-quo and wondering ‘What if?’ – and the ultimate goal – the discoveries that can unlock innovative solutions to impact people’s lives.

To activate the new brand, FutureBrand also developed a tone of voice, signage and a brand launch film featuring the people of Sanofi.


Josep Catlla, Head of Corporate Affairs at Sanofi, said “Sanofi’s attitude is humble, authentic—and a little bit unconventional too. We believe that our new brand and logo carve out a unique space in the healthcare industry that perfectly represents our new purpose to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.”

Jerome Lhermenier, Managing Director at FutureBrand Paris commented, “Sanofi has a rich heritage of scientific discovery and patient focus, but they also have a complex history, which had led to a proliferation of different brand identities. This rebrand is an effort to help the company reconnect with the “why” of being in the business of healthcare while uniting the people behind it and showcasing Sanofi as the modern healthcare company it strives to become.”