Healthcare is a sector changing fast: new technologies, advances in science and evolving customer expectations are driving demand for more responsive, proactive and personalised care.

Primary Health Care is a brand taking its place at the forefront of these changes, bringing together its expansive network connecting medical centres, pathology, imaging, day hospitals, fertility and other specialist services, and ensuring millions of Australians every day can access the expert and affordable services they need.

As the sector changes, so too is Primary Health Care.

One of many steps the company is taking is a rebrand, starting with a new name announced to shareholders, who will vote on the name change at the company’s AGM in November.

The new name is Healius, and it heralds the idea that health and healing are not just for when people are sick but for their ‘every day’ health and wellbeing – with a brand that will be there each step of the way, to help Australians make the most of their lives.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Malcolm Parmenter said: “Primary Health Care is making a substantial shift in its value proposition to healthcare professionals and customers alike. The company is harnessing digital technologies, finding the very best people, and connecting its diverse and growing businesses to deliver care when, where and how the customer wants it. Our new brand is the future of Primary, and it underscores our commitment to drive change in the healthcare sector as a whole.”

FutureBrand Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

Richard Curtis
Working with Malcolm and the team at Primary to future-proof their brand is a great opportunity to build a brand that will lead the healthcare sector in Australia. It’s about striking the right balance between the expertise of their healthcare professionals and a personal experience for patients, putting people at the heart of the brand and connecting them with the care and support they need at every step of their journey with the brand.

Curtis added: “Having recently launched this year’s FutureBrand Index, we can see that healthcare brands in general are responding positively to the changes in their sector. Increasingly, the most successful brands are perceived to be offering not just change, but change for the better. Tech-inspired innovation combined with a strong sense of purpose is helping organisations like Primary take their brand from the labs into people’s lives in more and more meaningful ways.”

More of the brand will be unveiled at the AGM next month when shareholders will have the opportunity to endorse the new brand.

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