FutureBrand - Voiello


Life is a stage


Pasta is a market segment that has seen huge changes over the years. Small brands have moved up to premium positions thanks to their ability to create an engaging story. In this scenario, Voiello’s storytelling needed to go back to the very essence of the brand and revamp its bond with Naples.


FutureBrand was given the task to restore the Voiello brand's uniqueness and showcase the product's premium qualities by reconnecting it with its roots and letting it express its all Neapolitan passion for pasta - prepared as it was intended to be.



For the rebranding project of Voiello we have dived into the true meaning of being Neapolitan, and investigated the most traditional - as well as the most contemporary - traits of Neapolitans. We sensed that Voiello’s attitude, its force and uniqueness derive entirely from this special city.

Strategy led us to craft a positioning consistent with Naples’ spirit - of the area itself - which was brought to life in the strategic-creative idea “a vita è ‘nu palcoscenico” (life is a stage). A way to sum up the all Neapolitan attitude to celebrate every single day and to dramatise every experience; to live each instant with passion, inventiveness and creativity, while also sharing it.



“The values of pasta Voiello – passion, truthfulness, exuberance, intensity and flair – perfectly correspond to the Neapolitan soul and are the recipe for a wonderful meal,” says Gianni Tozzi, Chief Creative Director International. “Each and every detail of Voiello brand identity expresses the essence of the brand: the blue of the sky and of the sea; the iconic window and the scarlet curtain of the San Carlo Theatre; Pulcinella leaning out of the “guattarella” (small window) as per the noblest Neapolitan tradition; the golden decorations of the logo, they are all a homage to the city of Naples”.