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Turning energy into inspiration


Brembo is the leading global brand in the design, development and production of brake solutions.

Since 1961, Brembo has been a true example of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and innovation in the automotive industry thanks to its universally renowned products.


In an increasingly complex and ever-changing market, Brembo needed to evolve from a product company to a solution provider by bringing its purpose to life: “Turning Energy into Inspiration”.

Brembo also wanted to reaffirm its leading role and coolness by creating a new ownable identity that would help the brand engage with current and new targets.

Such a change represents a historic shift for the company after 60 years, this is why a carefully balanced approach was needed to enhance the heritage while injecting freshness into the brand.


The first step of the rebranding journey was the assessment of the brand's various souls through the study of Brembo's core assets, such as racing and performance, and the creation of new storytelling dedicated to the brand's future innovations.

Energy is the beating heart of Brembo, the driving force that inspires and pushes the company constantly beyond its limits to actively contribute to creating a better world.

Brembo's purpose, "Turning Energy into Inspiration", gave birth to the design of a circular wave in perpetual motion: the focal point of the new visual identity. Eventually, Brembo's entire new brand universe grew thanks to the close collaboration between FutureBrand's team and the clients organically.


Brembo’s rebranding came to life in several touchpoints: from printed matters to digital spaces, including Brembo’s website and social media pages, and the key visual for an exhibition.

Following this creative path, we also contributed to the launch of ‘Sensify’, Brembo’s new mechatronic braking system, and the designing of the Inspiration LAB, a data innovation and advanced technology research centre.

The peak of our work was creating the advertising “Inspiration Campaign”, released globally on all media channels and generated using CGI technology.