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Vocus is an international technology business with services spanning Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. As one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies, their owned and operated fibre network is purpose-built and constantly evolving to meet the future needs of communities, businesses and governments.


Following an ambitious strategy to double the Vocus business by 2023, there was a critical need to reset and recharge the brand, ready for transformation.

Operating amidst ever-shifting technology, customer and competitor dynamics, Vocus needed a brand that would enable them to stand for something meaningful in their market. To signal their commitment to making things better, simpler and easier for customers, and to leverage a DNA that means they continually challenge, disrupt, see and do things differently. With customers crying out for change, it was time for Vocus to position themselves as a welcome alternative.

Small enough to create change in a legacy industry, the brand would not only provide clarity and awareness, but also enable and equipped people with the tools to drive brand transformation and support revenue growth.


With expertise that goes deeper, a network that takes customers further, and relationships that bring them closer, we discovered there was a multitude of brilliant ways to communicate Vocus’ value.

As we dug further into the business, we revealed their unique proposition hinged upon the notion of simplicity – in an industry where complexity surrounds. In order to capture these two distinct dynamics in a way that was easy for employees to understand and measure, we developed the brand idea of ‘Brilliant Simplicity’. A perfect reflection of their pioneering people, a world-class network, a customer experience defined by control and ease, and a business with clarity at its core.

We expressed this newly defined value proposition through a visual identity system that tells the story of both brilliance and simplicity. With greater visual presence and character, the refined logo communicates Vocus’ journey from a voice business to a fibre specialist, with the letter ‘O’ representing a cross-section of a typical fibre optic cable. The same cables gave inspiration to a vibrant colour palette with the flexibility to speak to Vocus’ diverse customers. Tying these elements together is a bespoke graphic device which gives life to the brilliance of Vocus’ world-class network and the simplicity of the experience it aims to deliver for customers.

In order to ensure the brand was implemented with integrity and success, FutureBrand developed an online brand management tool to unify guidelines and brand assets – a single source of truth for all strategic brand guidance and governance.


The launch of the new brand has delivered a significant milestone in Vocus’s turnaround strategy, consolidating Vocus Group and Vocus Communications into one brand. There are immediate signs of the rebrand’s success, both inside and outside of the organisation: 99% of employees believe it now better represents their strategy, values and people; and, when launched externally, Vocus’ LinkedIn engagement spiked by 644% and website visits grew by 39%. This clearly demonstrates the return on investment in the brand, and this has only been amplified further by the cost savings created through a robust visual system that can stretch into campaign execution with greater efficiencies, but no less effectively.

Equipped with their new brand, Vocus now has the licence to be the industry’s bold, disruptive player today, tomorrow and beyond.

“We have made significant progress in our strategy to simplify and grow our business, and our refreshed brand reflects our clear focus on delivering an experience for our customers that is brilliant made simple.”

Vocus Group Managing Director and CEO, Kevin Russell

"It’s been a true creative partnership with FutureBrand to evolve the Vocus brand. Through the collaboration we’ve been able to articulate clearly how we want to show up for customers and why we’re different. Now we have a brand value proposition of ‘brilliant simplicity’ and a strong, vibrant brand identity that is a platform for us into the future. It will shape everything we do going forward and how we measure ourselves."

Vocus Head of Products & Marketing, Charlotte Schraa