Innowell - FutureBrand


Transforming the way mental health care is delivered in Australia


1 in 2 Australians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. In fact, most countries around the world are facing a similar challenge. That’s millions of people in need of mental health care. What’s more, they need it now. In Australia, if and when people do get mental health support, they will likely have to wait more than a year to receive it – because the right mental health care can be hard to find or often out of reach. A challenging situation becomes all the more difficult, wherever you are in the world.


Responding to the great health crisis of our time, Innowell has built a digital infrastructure to transform the way mental health care is delivered in Australia. Through real-time data-tracking and measurement-based care, clinicians will be able to provide more responsive support, personalised to the needs of their patients.

To realise this bold vision, Innowell needed a brand to help them transition beyond the world of research. To be more than just a logo used in clinical trials, but a brand for a commercial product, trusted by clinicians and embraced by patients.

At first glance it would seem our challenge was simple – to rebrand a start-up focused on mental wellbeing – however, digging a little deeper revealed a more nuanced set of questions to ask and design challenges to solve.

With the unique benefit of Innowell’s platform and its ability to open up the bottlenecks limiting access to care, how might we transform the way the mental healthcare sector sees the role that technology plays in delivering this vital care, without leaving patients behind?


With no time to lose in order to meet product launch milestones, we embarked on a strategic sprint, coming together in the one workspace to work collaboratively and with intensity in building a brand for the future.

Critically, this brand needed to unite everyone with a clear and compelling purpose. Focusing on the immediacy and accessibility of the service, we determined this brand must capture the ways in which Innowell is working to get people the right care at the right time. More efficiently and effectively matching customers and practitioners, so people can get the support they need when they need it.

In building a brand that would appeal to many but truly connect with and prioritise the needs of a few, we leveraged the three unique modes that define Innowell’s end-to-end capability and stand them apart from the rest: powering mental health access; care and support; and, creating better outcomes for practitioners, customers and clients.

Everyone has mental health, it just depends what part of the journey you’re on. In response to the universal nature of the problem and Innowell’s solution, the final piece of the strategic platform needed to give the organsiation the confidence to face confidently into the future. At the very core, Innowell is here to open up mental health care – for everyone. Because with the right care at the right time, Innowell opens up the possibility that we can all live happier and healthier lives.

Building upon this strategic direction, we crafted an identity that captured the heart in Innowell’s technology: filled with optimism and guided by instructive elements to provide clarity and reassurance at every step.

This unique partnership of clinical technology with human compassion – visualised by the square and the circle embedded within the logo – provided the foundation for Innowell’s brand identity. The geometric union of the square and circle created a keyhole motif, signifying Innowell’s ambition to unlock the barriers to better mental health care access. This powerful symbol neatly found its place in the re-imagined brandmark, serving forevermore as an important signal and valuable reminder of Innowell’s clear vision.

Once unlocked, the keyhole grows organically into a series of interconnected nodes, designed into a pattern with the fluidity to stretch across branded touchpoints from compact digital spaces to tactile collateral with a presence beyond the virtual world. The interwoven network represents the breadth of personalised care and democratised access that Innowell facilitates. Soothing purple hues are woven through the user journey, while a cooler collection of navy, mint and grey ensure the brand firmly commands credibility within its clinical circles.


Coinciding with Australia’s Mental Health Awareness month, Innowell is now ready to take their critical technology to the world with a brand that clearly communicates their mandate and where mind, hope and heart live harmoniously together.

“In early 2021 we started planning a transition to become a commercial SaaS company, so we needed to evolve our brand to reflect that. It needed to bring together our purpose, our research-backed origins, and our mission-driven future to open up mental health care for everyone.

We found the perfect partner in FutureBrand to help us achieve that. They brought a combination of infectious energy and outside-in thinking along with experience working with healthcare brands to help bring our vision to life. Rich and his team worked closely with us to push our thinking, explore a range of ideas and then refine the direction we ultimately decided to pursue.” Syed Ahmed, Chief Digital Officer - Innowell.