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Toscana Promozione Turistica

Never ending Renaissance


Toscana. Promozione Turistica - the agency of the Tuscany Region that supports the territories in the creation and promotion of their touristic offers – has entrusted FutureBrand with their corporate advertising campaign.


The project has a double purpose: to invite tourists to spend their summer vacations at the discovery of the countless beauties of Tuscany, and to present the uniqueness of its offer in a new way, ditching any stereotypes visitors may have. Based on a strategic approach that focuses on emotions, the project aimed at telling the brand’s unique story, its passion, lightness, love for pasta and of course, its leadership.

Toscana Promozione Turistica


After a phase of strategic analysis that involved some personalities from the business, tourism and culture world in Tuscany, we came up with the concept of the campaign inspired by the cultural and artistic heritage of the region, the undisputed cradle of the Renaissance, proposing a new interpretation of the humanistic values such as freedom, inspiration, discovery and beauty.

"Tuscany. Endless Renaissance” is the claim closing the 30" video hero, whose voice over is inspired by the Oration De hominis dignitate by Pico della Mirandola and considered the manifesto of the Renaissance. A text dating back to 1496 that reveals a surprising modernity, thanks to the presence of contemporary, real and authentic images. The fresh and vibrant voices of young Tuscan actors add on spontaneity and lightness to the grandeur of Pico’s text. A short circuit between past and present, a perfect synthesis of the truest essence of Tuscany.

Toscana Promozione Turistica


We have created a new way of presenting one of the most beloved destinations of the world, inviting people at the discovery of its beauties through the experience of freedom.

The concept was developed in an extensive multi-subject press and digital campaign designed for the European market. The media plan is divided into large outdoor formats, newspapers, trade press and above all digital marketing. The campaign was welcomed as one of the most effective touristic advertising campaigns of the year.