Sperlari - FutureBrand


184 years of experience and passion

Sperlari is a traditional Italian food company founded in 1836 by Enea Sperlari, whose dream was to offer the best of the the city of Cremona’s specialities: nougat and mostarde, sour preserved fruit. For over 180 years, the Sperlari brand has been synonymous with Italy and imbued with values of tradition, quality and prestige. A highly respected brand that has never ceased to evolve and innovate while staying true to itself.


Nougats and Mostarde (sour preserved fruits) have been part of Sperlari’s range of products since the very beginning and they are still regarded as one of the cornerstones of Italy’s culinary tradition. The rebrand aimed to restore Nougats and Mostarde Sperlari’s allure and shelf visibility through a new look & feel, capitalising on the values the brand is renowned for - heritage, innovation and quality - but in a more eye catching and contemporary style.


The new visual identity starts from the Sperlari golden logo, synonymous with quality and tradition, and capitalizes on the main attributes of both product lines.

For Mostarde it leverages contemporary and appealing key-visuals that focus on the product's ingredients, together with the logo designed as a noble golden monogram sealing the product and guaranteeing its quality.

For Nougat, the Sperlari logo is once again central, placed on a white diamond which expresses the high quality and the brand expertise that goes into developing a traditional product. The visual codes used on the rest of the packaging, together with the window, convey craftsmanship and quality.

For both ranges, the new visual identity maintains Sperlari's consistency and recognisability. It effectively expresses the artisanal skill made even more special by the brand's understanding of their consumers’ tastes.


“A historic brand such as Sperlari is based on solid foundations made of tradition, know-how and excellence, values ​​that we wanted to make even more evident and up to date to strengthen the bond with the estimators of our products. This is the sense of the path we took together with FutureBrand, and which led us to tell our story of quality with a more contemporary and engaging visual language, keeping the value of tradition firm." - Michela Caone, Sperlari Marketing Director Italy