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Plena and Claro

Plena and Claro


The face of aged and disability care in Australia is fundamentally changing, for the better. In the wake of Government reforms, there’s a renewed focus on providing truly customer-centric care and a welcome shift from purely clinical outcomes towards total wellbeing.


Zenitas offers services across health, aged care and disability, and supports their customers with an expansive network of trusted professionals. After a series of acquisitions and with aspirations to move towards an integrated model of care, the organisation needed to rethink its portfolio strategy in order to provide greater strategic clarity inside and out, and to foster a brand experience empowering people to live happier, healthier and more independent lives. Key to this evolution was creation of brands for Zenitas’ mobile allied health and home and community care divisions that would align with the organisation’s broader portfolio in the aged care and disability sector and connect a wide range of health professionals and services.


As Australia’s largest provider of mobile allied health services, Zenitas needed to unite their independently strong brands into one seamless offering. A brand that would speak to their full range of services – from physiotherapy and dietetics to speech pathology and podiatry – and bring expert but disparate teams together with a shared culture and purpose. So too in the home and community care space, the focus was on the transformational integration of multiple brands to signal the positive change coming to the market.

To create synergy between the new brands and establish a more seamless experience for customers, we created a strategic foundation with the universal brand idea, ‘Connected One & All’. This would set the course for how the portfolio of brands connect customers, families and health professionals so that older people, and people with disability, can live fulfilling lives.

Introducing Plena Healthcare, a new brand whose name signals a holistic approach to delivering health, care and wellbeing solutions, and Claro, a brand name with a nod to a brighter future of care in the aged-care and disability space.

Plena’s brandmark and graphic palette visually express the transformative nature of healthcare through incremental step changes that represent the commitment to constant progress and evidence-based solutions. To complement this, Claro’s identity reflects the positive and empowering care services that radiate through the lives of the individuals and communities they support.

Both brands’ personalities come to life through colour palettes which balance optimism and compassion to stand out in the market, as well as using raw photography that reveals the very real and human character of the brands.


Plena and Claro are crucial components in a new cohesive portfolio of brands that marks an important step forward for both Zenitas and the communities they serve. With no time to lose, thousands of health experts around the country have come together to embrace the opportunity to deliver real and meaningful change today, tomorrow and into the future.