Opyn - FutureBrand


The human side of fintech


Opyn was born in 2012 under the name of Borsadelcredito.it with the aim of facilitating access to credit and financial tools to everyone. Today the company operates as a digital-only lender in the Italian SME market and is on a strong path towards growth as one of the most prominent Italian lending fintech companies.


The industry Opyn operates in is rich in internal and external challenges. Tech companies find it hard to conquer the trust of Italian operators despite the country progressing and moving towards innovative and future-oriented solutions. The finance industry is still dominated by physical-first players, and entrepreneurs tend to prefer retail banks rather than fintech. BorsadelCredito.it's brand identity and brand assets didn’t reflect the company's dynamism and steady growth as its business model was evolving to the point that stakeholders were bound to the offering rather than to the brand.

FutureBrand was asked to create a new and compelling story, capable of involving all audiences and ready to project Opyn into the future.


FutureBrand redefined Opyn from its foundations through a process of analysis and assessment that led to a new, strong and shared set of values and brand purpose. What followed was the creation of a consistent brand name - Opyn - that derives from Open, the way the company faces the lending market, and Pin, a finance-centred term celebrating individuality. The payoff strengthens the concept: To-get-there, a pun that can be read as "To get there", the achieving mindset of the brand, and Together, the human side.

The new visual identity definitively celebrates Opyn’s capacity of being dynamic, yet trustworthy and connected. The new logo is highlighted by a sharp and business-oriented imagery and set of colours that stand for continuity for the modern, digital soul of the brand.


“There was a whole story than needed to be told and that BorsadelCredito.it was not able to convey. Thanks to the work done in partnership with FutureBrand, everyone can now understand the values and the nuances of Opyn. Today we are a human fintech company, looking 10 years into the future with a completely renewed brand identity. In FutureBrand I found passion, dedication, and competencies along the way, as well as a strong value-added, essential to reach the final result”. - Greta Antonini, Marketing Manager - Opyn.