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A new age for Nesquik

Reimagined for a digital future and activating the role of an ally to parents, NESQUIK wanted to update their brand identity and expand into new audiences. Our goal was clear: to revamp Quicky, NESQUIK's beloved mascot, and reposition him to fit the modern family landscape. We drew inspiration from computer animation films and the gaming industry to make sure Quicky was still recognisable but dynamic. Every detail was carefully crafted, from his outfits to his postures and appearance.

We created an entire brand expression and brand world for Quicky to exist in, which speaks to all the different ages of NESQUIK consumers. This included creating a bespoke typeface called NESQUIK Sans to reflect the brand's playful and fun personality. This same personality was used to design the logo, which included an animated milk splash to make it more modern. Finally, the simplified packaging design system made it easier for consumers to navigate and for NESQUIK to really emphasise their iconicity.

consumer branding for Nesquik by FutureBrand

"We knew we needed to make Quicky a true icon for the brand once more, and by evolving his character we’ve opened the door for him to engage with new audiences and flex to new product lines."

Stephen McGilvray, Executive Creative Director at FutureBrand London
creating bespoke typeface NESQUIK Sans reflects brand's playful and fun personality.
Nesquik Future Brand 4
consumer branding for Nesquik by FutureBrand

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