Mobvista - FutureBrand



Mobvista's roots as a mobile advertising platform in 2013, has since grown to become one of the world's leading technology platforms focussed in the space of big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing elastic cluster management.


With the enrichment of its business lines, Mobvista has been upgraded to the group brand and its three sub-brands - Nativex, Mintegral and GameAnalytics - continue to work in the fields of effects-oriented mobile marketing platforms, interactive programmatic mobile advertising and mobile game data analysis respectively.

The upgraded Mobvista brand was faced with the challenge of clearly defining the group, defining the brand architecture and the sense of family on the premise of retaining the personality and space of each sub-brand.


FutureBrand was entrusted to redefine the group brand strategy, Nativex brand strategy and parent-subsidiary brand architecture strategy for Mobvista, while creating a unified and flexible visual identity system for Mobvisa and its subsidiaries. This was to ensure the brand was refreshed full of new vitality while presenting a more national, modern and leading personality.

The brand concept and design created by FutureBrand and the Mobvista team has won the recognition and love of the market. A modern, scientific and humanised brand logo and visual system ensures Mobvista highlights its core competitiveness and brand connotation.


“As an advertising technology company with roots in China and global reach, our business and brand are constantly changing and innovating in the few years since we were founded. In our Rebranding project, we are honoured to choose FutureBrand as our partner to provide global brand strategy and brand design consulting services based on business architecture.

With FutureBrand's global vision, international team and rich industry experience, we were able to reorganise the company's parent-subsidiary brand structure and redefine the brand strategy in line with the global market. In particular, the design of the visual identification system makes the brand matrix of the company glow with new vitality, presenting more international and technological features, and integrating humanistic care. This visual design is also in line with the company's brand philosophy, a great interpretation of our relentless exploration of technology and customer care values.”

- Cao Xiao Huan, Co-founder & CEO of Mobvista