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Always front of mind


mindfront is the brand new globally oriented sub-brand of Luye Medical Group in the field of mental health. Over a span of 6 months, FutureBrand and Luye worked together to build mindfront's brand strategy, brand architecture, brand name and brand identity across the Australian and Chinese markets.


In terms of brand strategy, naming and visual identity, it was necessary to firstly consider the association between mindfront and Luye Medical Group in their brand architecture, as well as the collaborative relationship of heathcare in the Australian market.

As a professional medical brand focussed around value and efficacy, the new brand also needed to integrate the humanistic care of a mental health brand. A good fusion of two seemingly contradictory brand essences were required.

mindfront is a global brand, however the market development and maturity in different countries are at different stages, as are the age composition and disease types of target consumers. We needed to build a brand strategy and brand visual identity that could accommodate these considerations across the Australian and Chinese markets.

The brand visual identity of mindfront also needed to consider the needs of multiple audience groups (from children, teenagers and women to the elderly).


Inspired by the brand idea “Always front of mind”, our creative team worked across all visual identity assets, ensuring they immediately established the brand’s personalities of pioneering, empathetic, personal, and supportive. The green dot logo is leveraged from its masterbrand logo - Luye Medical - which is also inspired by a water drop and stone symbolising Zen and a peaceful mind. The visual identity forms a unique and forward-looking visual style through the combination of graphics and pictures.


"We highly recognise FutureBrand's professionalism, global vision, experience and dedication. FutureBrand has also become our brand strategic partner. I would like to thank FutureBrand Global Chief Strategy Officer Jon for his deep understanding and understanding of the market demand for mental health from the very beginning and his great interest and enthusiasm in this project. Thanks to Shane, Global Executive Creative Director, and Sam, Creative Director, Greater China, for their consistent creative passion and international high standard of design. Thanks to Richard, CEO of FutureBrand Asia Pacific, for his whole-process commitment and professional leadership, as well as his team's persistence and transcendence in difficult times; Thanks to Sophie, the General manager, Greater China, for coordinating the project from the beginning to the end and for the professional support of the team. Hopefully we'll have more cooperation in the future."

- Liu Zhi-Ye, VP of Brand and PR of Luye Life Science Group