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Luye Life Sciences

Passionate for life

Luye Life Sciences Group is a full-range medical solution provider founded in China, comprised of three major business divisions: Luye Pharma, Luye Medical and Luye Investment.

FutureBrand are working with the group to help them achieve their vision of becoming one of the most respected global leaders in the healthcare industry.

The Challenge

With a strong vision and global presence, Luye is particularly well-placed to herald and lead a new wave of Chinese global brands. However, in order to realize their aspirations, Luye needed to redefine itself with a brand that could engage heads, hearts and hands.

FutureBrand were tasked with helping to differentiate Luye, whilst amplifying their existing strengths, in order to create a more emotive and expressive brand.

Furthermore, to help them become one integrated team that is valuable to both doctors and patients, they needed to ensure that their portfolio could be understood as ‘one family with many faces’.

The Solution

We found in Luye a company that is passionate about innovation in technology, highly empathic towards humanity, proud to be Chinese, and seeking to create true value that can impact the world.

Inspired by this, we developed a core brand idea of ‘living technology for life’ that could deliver the strategic opportunity, and stay true to their purpose.

With such a broad business, and an ambition of delivering future change within life sciences, we used the idea of ‘one family, many faces’ to build its architecture and strengthen their core life science businesses through a consistent visual identity that could build equity in a strong life sciences master brand.

The new visual identity and brand system immediately stands out in the category and establishes the brand’s essential cues – professional, human and restless. With a new set of core assets including logo, typeface, colour palette and photography, Luye’s new brand identity shifts them away from cold technology, instead delivering a stronger emotional link with their audiences.

The Reaction

“Today is a very exciting and memorable day. With the help of FutureBrand, the new Luye Life Sciences brand is officially launched and has been widely welcomed and highly praised by Luye staff. This moment deserves our congratulations! The dedication and cooperation of the FutureBrand team is unforgettable. Their passion and creativity make it so enjoyable to work together. We are team, we are together.”

Liu Zhiye

PR and Brand VP, Luye Life Sciences Group, at Luye Life Sciences