A new financial services brand in partnership with Private Equity

When GE Capital sold its consumer financial services business to a private equity consortium (KKR, Varde Partners, Deutsche Bank), the new owners needed a new brand to drive growth and a strong commercial return across a mixed portfolio comprising B2C customers, B2B partners and employees across multiple brands. 


The challenge was to formulate a brand architecture, strategy, visual and verbal identity (including a new name) to transform the business and its category on both sides of the Tasman.


Latitude celebrates the pivotal starting point of a customer’s journey towards realising and meeting their strongest financial future – what we call ‘powering potential’. Visualising these journeys in simple yet dynamic ways using visual language of dots and lines, we built a flexible creative platform enabling the brand to support and share its countless customer stories in a clear, consistent and compelling manner. 


Our experience and expertise in financial services ensured we were perfectly positioned to help the business create a commercially savvy future brand.