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Feltrinelli is one of the most iconic Italian publishing houses. Publisher of Nobel prizes and great international writers, Feltrinelli opened their first bookstore at the end of the 1950s, gaining a prominent place in the Italian cultural panorama thanks to an intuition that is just as simple as it is important to move the "intellectual salons" into an open space.


In an era where the concept of culture evolves and expands into new areas, laFeltrinelli asked FutureBrand to support them in defining the bookstore of the future: a place celebrating books and offering new physical and digital experiences, reflecting the needs of an diverse audience with multiple needs.


The starting point was an in-depth study of the brand values and ethnographic research in Italy on the consumers’ sentiment towards the brand. The output of this phase led us to the brand concept "the energy of culture".

Gianni Tozzi, Chief Creative Officer International of FutureBrand, comments: “We have created an open space for culture, where the physical and digital journeys overlap. A place where books are the hero, surrounded by a flower corner signed by Potafiori, a coffee shop, an e-sports room, a readings arena, a kids playground and many other experience areas that enhance the visitor's journey."

The 3,000sqm flagship store has been developed in collaboration with a great team of partners: PCVM Architects, Studio 02, Lucca Comics & Games, and many others.

Innovation plays a leading role in the new concept, where technology and the new ways of interacting are an integral part of the path and the shopping experience, well balanced by a new distinctive language underlining the signs of reading, enriching the story of a heritage yet always modern brand.


laFeltrinelli Piazza Piemonte stands for nourishing passions and ideas, reflecting a brand that pulses with life, engaging the curious ones, lulling those who abandon themselves among the shelves, overwhelming those looking for inspiration in the most diverse areas, and engaging those looking for a seamless omnichannel experience.