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Primary Health Care was a diversified healthcare service provider founded in the 1980s to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to millions across Australia. Due to shifts in patient expectations as well as a greater choice due to the availability of information, the organisation made a commitment to a future of healthcare that is more collaborative, empathetic and connected. Primary Health Care needed a brand that would be a clear symbol of change, and lend trust and credibility to the positive transformation already happening across the organisation. The new brand needed to connect a wide range of medical disciplines and take into consideration the needs of skilled practitioners, healthcare professionals and of course patients.

We created a name that would be a catalyst for spreading this perspective of healthcare and built an all-embracing visual and verbal identity system that united all of Primary Health Care’s services. Healius communicates a spirit of togetherness and mutual dependence among the thousands of Healius people who support the millions of Australians as they live their lives. We conveyed this through a visual metaphor – ‘Life’s Journey’ – and a series of patterns that evoke electrocardiograms as well as the twists and turns that life can take, resolving itself in a simple but confident ‘H’ logo. Behind this is portrait photography to recognise to the people at Healius at the heart of the organisation and a colour palette that transcends corporate blues and provides a warmer, richer feel. The launch of the new brand helped reinvigorate the organisation, putting the patient experience front and centre and future-proofing it for years to come.

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