Discova - FutureBrand


A unified business travel brand that is built for growth and collaboration


Creating Discova, a business brand for an ambitious new global Destination Management Company on behalf the Flight Centre Travel Group, the largest retail travel agency in Australia.


Flight Centre Travel Group had a vision to create a Destination Management Company (DMC) that would be the global DMC of choice by 2022. With destination brands in South East Asia and Central America, and visions to expand into more than 50 countries, they needed a unified global platform for renewed focus and growth.

The new brand would represent a clear point of difference in the market, enabling them to stretch into new destinations and new adventures and offer new levels of value to their partners on the ground.


We created a business brand that would set the platform for their partners to shine, while cementing the DMC’s position as a valuable partner. To create the future brand, we applied our ‘sprint’ methodology and facilitated a process that incorporated everything from a brand strategy sprint and naming to visual identity and an implementation roadmap.

In a sector where the majority of brands have identities that are overly reliant on logo and colour, we designed a strategy and creative platform grounded in insight and commercial application. The name, Discova, captures the brand’s vision and competitive edge in helping open doors to a world of possibilities. With a positioning to work globally and live locally, we balanced the brand’s ambition for global reach and expertise with first-hand, on-the-ground presence and experience. Our brand idea ‘In Touch with Travel’ allowed us to build a savvy yet real brand, driven by the real and tactile values of ‘Hands on’, ‘Feet on the ground’ and ‘Travellers at heart’.

To creatively bring the brand strategy to life, we used the simple yet familiar theme of a concierge. In this way, Discova became a living, breathing person – with our finger on the pulse, the brand there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t. To stand out beyond the category clichés, the concierge informed every element of our visual toolkit – from black and white photography that captures authentic moments to a universally-accessible typeface that speaks the local language and a graphic device that opens the door to you.


Together, we have built a savvy brand that succeeds in breaking away from category conventions and provides a compelling platform from which their partners can succeed.

“The new brand, Discova, has been a huge success both internally and externally. The internal teams have adopted the brand with passion, and externally our business partners have met us with excitement as we head on the new global journey. The FutureBrand team used their depth of skills, tools and knowledge to build a forever brand. The process was seamless, and the brief was nailed with accuracy and positive ownership.”