Even in the best of times, makers, marketers and sellers are challenged as never before to tell their story and close the deal. Think distraction, fragmentation, information overload, media clutter, global competition, economic dislocation, and retail disruption. Package design and related disciplines are increasingly making the difference in communicating the message, advancing the brand, and influencing the purchasing decision.

The outstanding work showcased this year – from over 200 designers and producers – attests to the reality that is 2020. The annual competition celebrates beauty and style, of course, but even more important, the power of deliberate design to forge an emotional link with customers.

Chief Creative Officer, Consumer

Daniel Andersson
Our team appreciates the recognition of this work by GDUSA. We’re proud of our partnership with each of these distinctive brands as they have forged a new path for their future. We’ve delivered packaging solutions to empower them to turn these goals into their reality. Now more than ever, creating authentic moments of connection with customers will matter.
Barilla Vero Gusto

To see the awarded work visit GDUSA and check out the in-depth case studies on our website featuring our broader work for Obagi, Barilla and Sweet Loren’s.


For nearly 60 years — since 1963— Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has been a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals.

GDUSA covers news, people, project, trends, technology, products and services. The GDUSA brand now includes a 100,000 visitor-a-month website, a monthly e-newsletter, a digital version of the magazine formatted for desktop, tablet and phones, and several national design competitions that culminate in Annuals showcasing the best in Graphic Design, Inhouse Design, Web Design, Package Design, Healthcare Design, and Digital Design.

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