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Sharing the magic of deliciously clean food

Founded in Loren Brill’s own kitchen, Sweet Loren’s grew from a very real, personal need. After beating cancer at a young age, she faced the harsh reality that many deal with every day —clean, delicious food brands are few and far between. Frustrated by the lacklustre options available and inspired by her lifelong love of baking, Loren hit the kitchen. Many taste tests later, she launched her own cookie line in 2011. And as of 2019, Sweet Loren’s was the number 3 refrigerated cookie dough.


Sweet Loren’s wanted to elevate the differentiating (and delicious!) parts of their brand to take larger bites out of their competitor's market share. But they needed to stand out on shelf against more traditional household names. Sweet Loren’s also needed to address consumers’ growing expectations of food brands and increasing skepticism around packaged food.

Sweet Loren’s engaged FutureBrand to elevate the brand’s expression, laying the groundwork for future expansion. First, we had to uncover Sweet Loren’s ownable competitive edge. From there, our team transformed the brand’s look and feel to clearly demonstrate Sweet Loren’s value and bold ambition — without losing sight of its heritage.


Through a deep dive into the category, consumers and the existing brand assets, we defined the brand’s strategic opportunity by uncovering what Sweet Loren’s could credibly own. While clean cookies may sound like a must-have for most consumers, we recognised that the secret to Sweet Loren's success lay in extracting a singular, compelling story that would resonate with every consumer.

A new, transformative brand strategy, visual identity, tone of voice and messaging as well as digital experience gave Sweet Loren’s permission to showcase their number 1 differentiator: incredible clean ingredients that allow all consumers to enjoy delicious food worry-free.

With dreams of adding different types of products in the future, the transformed Sweet Loren’s brand boldly jumps off the shelf. But how did we get from the old to new?

The brand strategy positions Sweet Loren’s as a disruptor that helped customers awaken their expectations of food. Of packaged goods. Of the industry. Of what delicious means. The tone of voice and messaging takes this bold, passionate strategy and adds in charm, optimism and trust. Because when it comes down to it, clean food should be fun, exciting and most importantly bring people together.

After identifying the brand’s existing ownable assets — a bright pink colour, visible flavour profiles, and a white package as clean as its contents — we added a fresh mix of visual elements that would help the brand be disruptive on-shelf.

The brand’s website previously focused on sharing recipes, but we evolved their content strategy and overall site design to educate consumers about the specialness of Sweet Loren’s ingredients. Through this new focus, their digital presence empowers consumers to understand what they’re eating.


Sweet Loren’s launched the new brand nationally in February 2020.

“After a couple years in the market, we were ready to take Sweet Loren’s to the next level. To harness our current industry momentum, we partnered with FutureBrand to stand out authentically, pop off shelf, and extend well digitally.

FutureBrand challenged us to consider what's next for our growing clean food company and together we landed on a brand expression that takes the best of what we had and transformed it to reflect our brand personality and lay the groundwork for the future of Sweet Loren’s.” - Loren Brill, Founder, Sweet Loren’s