Barilla - FutureBrand


Under the Italian sky


Barilla, the brand that more than any other stands for Italy. An unmistakable mix of beauty and lifestyle expressed so well by its food and conviviality, launches its new global brand strategy and architecture. A partnership led together by Barilla and FutureBrand.


Based on a strategic approach that focuses on emotions, the project aims at telling the brand's unique story, its passion, lightness and love for pasta, and of course - its leadership.


"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life." - Anna Achmatova

As in a film spanning over almost 150 years, the unifying element of the narrative is the pure blue of the Italian sky, the luminous witness of the events taking place under its vault. It embraces everything: the carefully cultivated wheat fields, the production of pasta served to the tables of the thousands of families who enjoy its warmth and taste.

That special hue of blue of the Italian sky on a summer's day has been transferred to the Barilla pasta packaging. The packaging say farewell to Barilla's traditional blue for a lighter shade full of emotion and generosity. Today, that light blue characterises Barilla packaging all over the world, celebrating the Italianness of the most loved pasta brand.

The product is displayed in all its naturalness, letting the raw material itself tell its story and show even those small imperfections that make it unique. The back of the packaging is dedicated to the philosophy of the brand that places the corn at the centre of its world as a symbol of its devotion to quality. The evolution of the Barilla brand identity was also extended to the Emiliane, 5 Cereals and Whole Wheat ranges.


“The protagonists of the new creativity are our values: passion, conviviality, sharing and the new quality of our pasta. Barilla wants to offer a renewed, better pasta, a product that Italians may love more than ever and that can represent a unique moment of joy and sharing with the ones they love and their friends” Elena Tabellini, Vice President Marketing - Barilla & Voiello Italy