FutureBrand won Gold for ‘Best Visual Identity' by a Charity, NGO or Not-For-Profit for its work with Orygen; Silver for ‘Best Brand Evolution’ for Vocus; and, Bronze for ‘Best Brand Architecture solution’ for Healius.

CEO, FutureBrand Australia

Rich Curtis
We’re very happy to win at this year’s Transform Awards ANZ – whether it’s for our work transforming current brands or creating a new one. The commercial performance of each brand shortlisted speaks for itself, so it's very much the icing on the cake for those brands to be recognised like this.

To win Gold for Best Visual Identity by a Charity, NGO or Not-For-Profit with our work with Orygen is particularly satisfying – the support they offer in the youth mental health space is pioneering and, to say the least, needed more now than ever.

Gold for ‘Best Visual Identity' by a Charity, NGO or Not-For-Profit: Orygen had an imperative to reach more young people more effectively, which inspired them to transform youth mental health support by bringing together specialist and enhanced primary care systems into one seamless model. By transforming their brand via FutureBrand Australia, Orygen has driven increased brand awareness, clarity and impact, but also reinvigorated its employees and helped build a stronger culture of passionate and pioneering clinicians, researchers, educators and advocates.

Silver for ‘Best Brand Evolution’: Vocus has an ambitious strategy to double the business by 2023 and that ambition was reflected in a unique proposition that hinged on delivering simplicity in a complex industry. In order to capture these two distinct dynamics in a way that was easy for employees to understand and measure, FutureBrand Australia developed a refreshed brand identity around the idea of ‘Brilliant Simplicity’. A perfect reflection of their pioneering people, a world-class network and a customer experience defined by clarity, control and ease.

Bronze for ‘Best Brand Architecture solution’: FutureBrand Australia created a new brand for Healius (to replace Primary Health Care) as a clear and compelling symbol of change. The new brand needed to lend trust and give credibility to the positive transformation already happening across the organisation, from increased employee engagement to new investments in digital platforms. The brand also needed to connect a wide range of medical disciplines – from diagnostic imaging and pathology to IVF and skin services across a total of 2,500 sites. And finally, it needed to represent a new future of healthcare that balances treatments and procedures with quality of service and patient experience.

Director Communications, Orygen

Penny Fannin
We’re thrilled that the work FutureBrand undertook on developing a revolutionary new brand for Orygen has won Gold in the Transform Awards. We greatly value the time the FutureBrand team took to develop our brand strategy and to see this evolve into a bold visual identity that reminds us every day to keep pushing to ensure that young people experiencing mental ill-health get the help they need and deserve.

The winners were announced via a special virtual event hosted by Transform Magazine on Tuesday 1 December 2020.

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