Carolina Lyra, Felipe Luz, Filippo Vidal, Lucas Machado and Sabrina Capozzi bring extensive experience and expertise to the top leadership of FutureBrand São Paulo.

The new partners bring extensive experience and expertise in Brand Experience (BX), Consumer, Corporate, International and Data & Insights. CEO Ewerton Mokarzel expresses that the new partners will target future growth and provoke new movements, trends and approaches.

Ewerton explains that the addition of the five new partners is the result of an adaptable business and is motivated by the desire to enrich the relationship with customers and brands further. He also states that the new partners will target future growth and provoke new movements, trends and approaches.

“One of our deepest values is adaptability. This allows us to respond quickly to changes – whether recognised by the business itself through data and insights, by the market or by society. That's why this step brings us closer to building the future we envision for ourselves and our customers, as it allows us to balance a comprehensive look with the depth needed to create memorable brands”, says Ewerton Mokarzel.

The group joins top leadership with the aim of not only meeting the depth that complex market contexts demand but also targeting future growth – provoking new movements, trends and approaches. Ewerton evaluates that the move results from an adaptable business and is motivated by the desire to further enrich the relationship with customers and brands, in addition to leading the branding for the future. For the CEO, “FutureBrand evolves from a property model to a path of perpetuity”.

Meet the new partners of FutureBrand São Paulo:

Carolina Lyra, Consumer Director and Partner

Having been with FutureBrand since 2017, Carolina became director in 2020, being responsible for managing teams and clients in addition to leading strategic projects. She has worked with brands such as P&G, Grupo Boticário, Nestlé, Mondelez, L'Occitane, Ontex, Mars, and Mantecorp, amongst others. Carol has also worked at Johnson & Johnson, where she worked with skincare brands for Brazil and Latin America, and at Whirlpool, working on developing innovation and branding for the Consul and Brastemp brands.

Felipe Luz, Brand Experience Director and Partner

Felipe believes in a creative approach that connects branding, growth and expertise in developing brands that inspire and positively impact people. As an advertising specialist in branding and strategic design, he has been with the FutureBrand São Paulo team since 2013. During this journey, he developed projects for brands and organisations in different markets, such as iFood, Localiza, Sportv, Ambev, Track&Field and Nespresso.

Filippo Vidal, International Director and Partner

Born and raised in Italy, Filippo has built an extensive international career, living in countries such as South Africa, China, Spain and now Brazil. He joined FutureBrand São Paulo in 2018, bringing his strategic look to local and international projects. In 2020 he was appointed director, being responsible for improving FutureBrand São Paulo's connection with other FutureBrand offices around the world and leading the internationalisation process of several national and international brands.

Lucas Machado, Corporate Director and Partner

Lucas graduated in Graphic Design and is certified in Administration by Insper; he combines experience and purpose in building iconic brands. His motivation is always to provoke positive emotions in people, making them impact and create relationships with brands. Throughout his career, he has developed major projects in Spain, Chile, India and the Middle East. His goal today is to bring excitement and impact to major corporate brands at FutureBrand.

Sabrina Capozzi, Insights Director and Partner

With 14 years of experience in branding and communication, she has worked for large companies such as Santander and Raízen. In the latter, she was responsible for managing the Shell brand in Brazil, research and insights, communication and developing strategies to apply sustainability to the consumer experience in the physical and digital universes. She has already been responsible for projects for brands such as Casas Bahia, Sicredi and others.

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