We pride ourselves on being wise, professional and creative. We enjoy life in our work and regard building a world-class brand as our happy mission

International vision and standards, local insight and service are the positioning and characteristics of the China office. We work closely with the global talent team of FutureBrand, and share the mature and unique methodology of FutureBrand to provide world-class brand consulting and design creative services.

Established in 1997, the China Office has been working in China for more than 20 years, serving many top international and domestic customers. We deeply rooted our brand-building approach and customer service approach in our understanding of the Chinese market environment, Chinese consumer insight and Chinese culture.

We are lucky to work with many exciting and well-known Chinese brands across different cultures and sectors. Some brands we’ve worked with include JD, Ant Financial, China Southern Airline, Kuaishou, Swire, Yintai, Luye life sciences and China Union Pay.

"It is lucky for us as Chinese brand people to participate in and witness the rise of many Chinese brands."
Sophie Cheng – General Manager at FutureBrand China.
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