What’s the future of your brand?

At FutureBrand, we love nothing more than imagining what the future could hold for our clients and their respective industries.

In our ‘Future of...’ series, we analyze the key trends shaping sectors and brands, and talk to the industry leaders and challengers to distil the latest industry thinking.

The 'Future Of...' Series

Examining six key consumer macro trends and their underlying drivers that will shape the future of alcoholic beverage brands, we imagine plausible future brand experiences and ideas that could disrupt the spirits category in the years to come.

The 'Future Of...' Series

The rise and importance of purpose has affected the beauty industry more fundamentally than most other sectors - for better and for worse. An industry which only went skin deep now has to demonstrate it has a soul.

The 'Future Of...' Series

Travel and tourism is a booming industry, and its economic impact is only predicted to continue to grow. We explore the trends and tensions shaping the industry and how these define product, service and experience opportunities.

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