The results of the 2022 FutureBrand Index, the annual perception study of PwC’s Top 100 companies based on market capitalisation, reveal extensive changes in the perception of global companies almost three years after the pandemic. B2B companies – particularly those in Asia that focused on innovation around green energy and sustainable business models – saw their rankings move up. This reflects the fact that climate change is now seen as the fastest growing threat to business success.

Other top insights:

1. ESG now part of public consciousness: This year’s FutureBrand Index reveals how savvy the public is becoming around corporate pledges to ESG and that companies must prioritise these commitments.

2. Consumer-facing isn’t king: Following in the overarching trend of last year’s FutureBrand Index, this year’s Top Five is dominated largely by ‘behind-the-scenes’ infrastructure companies.

3. Purpose in practice: Now, more than ever, our professional respondents are saying that it’s not enough for a company to say it has a meaningful purpose and will take action – it must be seen to fulfil its promises, to be fair and honest, to support the community, and to actively contribute to society.

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