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Empowering millennial women to embrace their sensuality by telling their own story

The established lingerie retailer originally made a name for itself by serving women between 45 and 65 through 300 lingerie boutiques across the United States. Soma was setting their sights on reaching a new, younger demographic: women between the ages of 30-35. They were struggling to engage with today’s modern millennial woman who has a distinctly different attitude towards lingerie than previous generations. Soma recognised that for their new target audience, the experience of shopping for lingerie in-store was playing second fiddle to the convenience of online shopping. As both incredibly tech-savvy and expert multi-taskers, these women needed more than a typical lingerie store.

Soma partnered with FutureBrand to figure out the next phase of their future. We set out to understand whether Soma could credibly extend their brand to a younger audience without alienating their core established consumer. After completing consumer journey research and a deep dive into the Soma brand, we helped them make the case for the creation of a completely new offer. The new brand would be built to upset the status quo long maintained by brands like Victoria’s Secret while still remaining competitive in an extremely crowded category. In addition, the new brand would need to be entirely consumer driven. Over the course of the next 4 months, FutureBrand helped Soma’s team define the name, strategy, brand voice, visual identity and digital experience for the brand-new TellTale.

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