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Stonewall 50

Stonewall 50

Millions of Moments of Pride

The Stonewall Uprising in June 1969 is considered the most significant event that ignited the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement. That moment sparked a movement and a groundswell of grassroots activism whose impact is felt to this day when Pride is celebrated around the world on Stonewall's anniversary. In 2019, NYC Pride welcomes WorldPride as we mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and a half-century of LGBTQ+ liberation.

The Challenge

Every five years, one city’s Pride festivities are elevated to WorldPride status in a competitive bidding. In 2014, WorldPride in Toronto generated $719 million in sponsor related purchases and attracted over two million people, 67% of whom were first-time attendees.

Our client, NYC Pride, wanted to attach the WorldPride designation to its celebration of Stonewall’s 50th anniversary in 2019. Its ideal location, coupled with the anniversary’s significance would create a perfect storm of size, scale and reach. However, they needed to ensure success both in terms of winning WorldPride status and having a compelling story for the actual event, one that would attract and engage participants of all kinds as well as sponsors and corporate partnerships.

The Solution

NYC Pride created the iconic rainbow flag, but never trademarked it, so its expression is now ubiquitous. To succeed, Stonewall 50 needed a distinct, ownable identity immediately identifiable with the LGBTQ+ movement. One that reflected every aspect of where the movement was going and was rooted in a more modern, inclusive purpose beyond pure activism.

We developed the idea of ‘Millions of Moments of Pride’, designed to be big and welcoming from the start. It reflects a more modern world that’s connected, social and above all, equal. Whether you’re there to inspire action, honour history or celebrate pride, this idea welcomes everyone, and acted as a springboard for a distinct identity for Stonewall 50. One that abstractly reflects the coming together of different groups to form a vibrant communal tapestry, a flexible identity for different relationships. And one that blue chip global sponsors will proudly want to be associated with leading up to the event.

The Reaction

We're incredibly proud to play a small part in celebrating 50 years of progress for LGBTQ+ and human rights everywhere. NYC Pride’s WorldPride bid was approved and attendance is expected to top seven million, significantly increasing Stonewall 50’s economic potential...and to top it all off our design for the identity won a Gold Graphis Award.

"It makes perfect sense to bring WorldPride to the birthplace of Pride in 2019"

David Schneider, NYC Pride's Stonewall 50 Director