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Harnessing a legacy to amplify future aspirations

This renowned audio brand graces the world's biggest stages, from The Grammys to the Oval Office. For nearly 100 years, they’ve been outperforming and out-innovating their competition and set the standard for premium audio products as we know them today. While Shure’s quality spoke for itself as it evolved, the brand identity no longer expressed its positioning, or what set them apart from competitors. Known and loved for high-performance audio equipment, the brand needed to address the needs of an entirely different audience. Shure engaged us to work with them to harness their legacy and refresh their brand to reflect who they are today and where they’re growing their business.

Shure needed a cohesive brand expression that translated across each of their audiences. We shifted Shure’s centre of gravity to demonstrate the benefits of their offer beyond silo-ed product groups to define the brand’s unique experiences in an emotive, clear way. This was expressed through the brand’s positioning, purpose, beliefs and personality. A new bold, flexible visual identity delivers on this shift and a new tone of voice empowers Shure’s content creators to make the right connection between the brand strategy and their key points of difference through audience-specific messaging. Robust brand guidelines serve Shure as equal parts inspiration and guardrails as they create new assets.

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“The new Shure brand captures the strength of our innovative spirit, and our passion for working alongside our customers to solve their challenges. The updated visual identity and tone of voice have also fostered bolder ideas among internal teams and partners. The FutureBrand team unearthed the core of what makes our company special, built a strategic framework around it, and then deployed it in a breakthrough brand identity. Throughout the process, they challenged us and pushed in new directions, ultimately driving to a brand expression that catapults us into the future while building on everything that has made us successful thus far.”

Neil Shah, Director of Global Marketing, Shure
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