Sentry - FutureBrand


Modernizing a seasoned business insurer

Over the course of their more than 100-year history, Sentry had grown from a small, Wisconsin-based organization into one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the nation. After divesting themselves of their personal insurance offerings in 2012, Sentry had a unique opportunity: rebrand the organization to clarify their position as a true business-to-business insurer—and share their unparalleled commitment to their customers with the world.

The challenge

For years, Sentry’s deep experience in the industry had helped them maintain lifelong relationships with many of their clients. But despite having such a strong reputation among their own policyholders, their brand didn’t resonate with a wider audience. And it didn’t stand out in the industry. Why? Because Sentry’s look and feel seemed somewhat out of step with the times—and was ultimately out of line with their real character. The company needed a new, compelling story—one that could help communicate who they truly were, while also differentiating them in the marketplace and driving new business.

The solution

Since 1963, Sentry had been promoting conventional industry values like strength, protection, and vigilance—portraying themselves as a steady and sturdy industry authority. However, we believed that it wasn’t this outward presence, but rather an inner resolve that made Sentry unique—one that stemmed from their expert knowledge, unparalleled service, and ultimately, from the long-lasting partnerships they cultivate with their customers. Sentry’s modernized brand expression elevates dialogue over monologue and champions collaboration and conversation. By celebrating a more human approach to insurance, Sentry can stand further out from the competition and connect more with new and current customers.

The results

“And from the moment we began working with FutureBrand, we knew they were a group that would not only listen to our concerns, but also create a dialogue by challenging our thinking. That chemistry, trust, and teamwork was there from the get-go—and it continued every step of the way. Rebranding our business was a major undertaking, and FutureBrand proved themselves to be a true partner throughout a very important and delicate process.”

—Stephanie Smith, Vice President, Marketing & Brand Communications

Recently launched, our Sentry engagement is still fairly new, but its success is tangible. Our work has enabled Sentry to convey their new brand across new channels, including their first advertising campaign in over three decades—one that focuses on how Sentry earns customers’ trust by sitting down, talking, and listening to them.

FutureBrand’s reimaged logo redesign earned us a 2017 Graphis Award, 2017 Transform Award, and REBRAND 100 awards.