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See Beyond - Unleashing Revive’s brand personality


Revive, part of Weber Shandwick Collective, is one of the fastest-growing healthcare agencies in the industry. With the changing nature of the healthcare space, Revive needed a new and refreshed bold brand identity to tell its story, shine a light on its expertise, and demonstrate its creativity. As the only branding specialist within the IPG network, FutureBrand North America led the brand transformation including a complete brand strategy, visual identity system, name modification and a brand film.


Unleashing the brand personality of Revive

FutureBrand North America was tasked with the challenge to evolve ReviveHealth’s positioning and refresh the brand’s look and feel to support a full relaunch and website redesign.

After conducting internal stakeholders interviews, FutureBrand identified that the immediate challenge was operationalising the data-driven marketing tools, data and talent necessary to really prove business impact and evolve brand engagements into service line marketing engagements supported by all the capabilities necessary.

The new brand had to convey the healthcare consultancy’s expertise while demonstrating the creativity, edginess, and “non-healthcare” originality it is known for delivering.


Revive’s brand transformation framework

We created the Brand+ strategic framework that encapsulates the central brand idea, positioning, and personality all of which influence how the agency outwardly presents itself. With the focal tagline of “See Beyond”, we elevated the desire to deconstruct and examine problems through different dimensions, lenses and consumer perspectives to reveal potential catalysts. It highlights the perception that multiple factors influence every health challenge and human need, and that each deserves consideration, which Revive provides to all its clients.

Name that reflects value and expertise

We began the brand transformation work with name modification. A company’s name should frame the story of the value it provides, therefore we changed the name from ReviveHealth to Revive. Due to existing associations of “health” being linked to limitations and narrow focus, we shifted the focus towards the agency’s experience of reinventing and evolving healthcare brands.

Bringing health expertise to life

To unleash Revive’s creative personality, FutureBrand integrated a vibrant colour palette to its brand identity. From bright pink and yellow, to playful shapes and doodles, the modern and approachable identity system connects Revive’s expertise with the creativity it offers its clients.


"Revive’s focus on diversity in experience and perspectives has proven to deliver work that resonates with more people—to change more lives. They needed a brand that connected with people on a more emotional level. We reflected their knowledge and expertise in a new, bold and strong brand identity system. We had a fantastic and very collaborative relationship with the Revive team, which led to trust in our creative approach.” Daniel Andersson, Chief Creative Officer - FutureBrand North America.