Pandora - FutureBrand


Holistic store experience overhaul for the world’s leading jewellery brand.

In under seven months, we created and launched a new global retail experience concept for Pandora, as part of a wider rebranding initiative by the Danish jeweller.

Offering a memorable, personalised and inspiring experience, the new Pandora store reflects the brand’s confident, inclusive new era for its diverse customer base.


Pandora's goal was to revitalize its brand, product and consumer experience. Within that, our joint initiative focused on sharpening the in-store brand experience, strengthening the desire around charm collecting, encouraging a more engaging sales technique, and improving executional consistency.


Working closely with a cross-disciplinary Pandora team, we developed a fundamentally new store experience. With side-by-side service and more styling advice, the updated shopping experience encourages playful exploration, boosting creativity for both staff and customers alike.

By introducing an iconic new element, 'The Charm Bar', we celebrated Pandora's pioneering expertise in the category.

We also designed distinctive service rituals that encourage curiosity for both staff and customers. Staff are trained and motivated to uncover the customer's Pandora story and propose meaningful ways to explore their self-expression through products.

The store’s characteristic, on-brand pink glow stands out in malls and on high streets, clearly indicating that Pandora has changed.


The project with Pandora started, appropriately, on Valentines' Day, 14th February 2019.

The Leicester store opened in August, followed by roll-outs across the UK, Italy, US and China.

“Visiting a Pandora store should be an intuitive and playful experience. It should be about discovering the treasures within. We are making the store a destination you want to spend time at,” says Mette Starup, Vice President Retail at Pandora.