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Branding the London 2012 Olympic Games

Making the complex simple by creating one theme and one ‘Look’ for London 2012 Olympics. Having inherited the basic London 2012 identity elements, logo, colours and font, FutureBrand’s role was to help create a compelling brand strategy and kit of parts. Working with LOCOG and McCann Worldgroup, we co-created a powerful brand strategy and promise. Known internally as the Golden Thread, the promise was “inspiring the UK to push beyond its personal best". FutureBrand then developed an identity system to work across every touchpoint and campaign. For the first time in Olympic history ‘One Look’ was created to work for both the Olympics and Paralympics as well as the city and the rest of the UK.

The brand strategy ultimately helped reframe how the Olympic and Paralympic Games are perceived. A generation was inspired and the Games were a huge success commercially with a record 20 million ticket applications from 1.8 million people. The ticket sales for the London Olympics and Paralympics exceeded forecasts and were a record for any Summer Games. Further records were broken with 2.1 million Paralympic tickets sold prior to the start of the Paralympics – the most ever for a Paralympic Games – and the most successful volunteering programme for an Olympic Games with 240,000 people applying to become a ‘Gamesmaker’.

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London 2012 Olympics tickets
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London 2012 Olympics British Airways
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