Naturya - FutureBrand


Changing the way we eat

Since 2009 Naturya has flourished in the health food market across the UK and Europe, quickly growing into a leading superfood brand. From their offices near Bath, they run their business both ethically and respectfully, sourcing consistently high-quality products at fair, sustainable prices.

The Challenge

To take the brand to the next level, from niche superfood product to everyday lifestyle brand, Naturya turned to FutureBrand for strategic positioning, visual identity and packaging design.

“Design is critical to underpinning Naturya’s global mission to change the way we eat. To give people the kinds of foods we should be eating; the most nutritious foods that taste great, look amazing and make you feel better.”

Ali Wilde, Marketing Director, Naturya

The strategic idea, ‘whatever you do, do it for real’ showcases the difference that Naturya makes in people’s lives. The focus is on the benefits of product, which come to life in the people that use it – their success stories born from the best ingredients from nature. FutureBrand and Naturya wanted the brand to feel like it’s for everyone. It shouldn’t feel unobtainable, but should inspire achievement in whatever passion or ambition drives you.

The Solution

‘Whatever you do, do it for real’ provided the creative un-lock for visual identity and packaging.

“Naturya makes you feel alive, bursting with energy – we wanted to ensure this positivity and abundance through the design language. Previously, the logo was hidden, or used more as an endorser. The new logo places the emblematic brand mark centre stage, at the heart of the new visual language”.

Marie-Therese Cassidy, Executive Creative Director, FutureBrand

The new design retains the existing bold and navigable colour palette, inspired by the vibrancy of nature, but the additional illustrations add a layer of energy that really celebrates and heroes the quality ingredients, creating a range of packs that are buzzing with life and possibility. The developed design system means the packs have their own unique identity and personality whilst being part of an exciting and synergistic range. The additional touch of gold to each pack through the heart of the new brandmark adds a premium touch alongside matt substrate, really showcasing the new design and these quality products.

“When you are building a new brand to meet new consumer demand, it takes very special foresight from others to visualise the opportunity in the same way that FutureBrand do. We met with dozens of agencies, a few grasped it but only FutureBrand absolutely got why we do what we do. Their vision, creativity, passion and culture is inspiring. Their work on Naturya reflects all of it and more.

Ben Purcell, CEO, Naturya

The Results

The new identity will launch over the coming months and is stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug and all good health food stores.

FutureBrand continue to work with Naturya, with a bespoke pop-up retail space coming soon.