Mövenpick - FutureBrand


A breath of Swiss alpine air for an iconic ice-cream

Mövenpick is one of Froneri’s most iconic brands. It is the third largest ice-cream manufacturer in the world and brings together decades of business, R&D and manufacturing expertise from Nestlé.


Froneri entrusted FutureBrand with the following challenge: How can we reduce the gap between the premium but slightly distant positioning of the brand and the instinctive pleasure of ice cream, in order to meet their strategic ambitions of reaching a top market position worldwide and compete with international brands such as Häagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s?


To stand out from the competition we decided to break away from traditional ice-cream codes and create a premium experience - shaping a differentiated and iconic brand territory that pays tribute to their very unique brand positioning. Mövenpick captures the real taste of each original flavour and elevates the ice-cream experience to quality moments of authentic indulgence in a highly creative combination of the best of Nature, pure Swiss cream and free-spirited craftsmanship.

The visual universe that we created introduces Mövenpick's Swiss origins through a simple and joyful illustrative treatment, and we redefined the global consumer journey in order to leverage this new brand universe - including new brand codes, corporate imagery, packaging for core ranges, limited editions, point of sale and retail experience.


The Swiss premium ice cream Mövenpick has greatly expanded and is now available in 38 countries worldwide.

- 80% of consumers are willing to spend more for a Movenpick.

- Mövenpick is the preferred brand of 69% of Swiss consumers.

- 91% of Swiss consumers intended to choose a Mövenpick product next time they buy ice cream