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Moça 100 Anos

Because being represented always matters.

The can of Leite Moça has been part of Brazilian culture for 100 years and is one of the most beloved brand by women throughout the country. Recently the brand has been losing relevance, but even in these difficult times, we decide to leverage the 100th anniversary of Leite Moça to pay tribute to those who really helped build our country’s history. In a place as diverse, multicultural, and multiracial as Brazil, having an 18th-century Swiss milkmaid on the label no longer made sense.

With that in mind, the label of the can had its most iconic asset replaced with six real Brazilian women. They were selected based on their personal stories and their relationship with the brand, and then they were illustrated by a woman artist. The new ladies went viral and even started a heated debate on social networks. Because not everyone likes to see traditional brands reinvent themselves

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“Brazilian women were represented in all their diversity”

Nelio Bernardelli, FutureBrand São Paulo’s Team Leader
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