Encouraging balance and transforming the relationship between people and sport

Track&Field is a sportswear brand with over 300 stores in Brazil. With the rise of the digital context and the advancement topics such as well-being, balance, mental health and body awareness, the brand needed to reinvent itself: leave behind a vision solely focused on performance and technology, connect with people’s needs and the movements of the world and create a brand language capable of bringing Track&Field closer to younger audiences. The insight was to change Track&Field from a sportswear brand into a healthy living platform. The brand adopts the concept of “breathe and go” and starts encouraging balance through movement. Thus, it keeps embracing the performance, but now without overlooking the lightness. It becomes capable of promoting important discussions and disseminating the reality of sports.

The logo becomes more suitable for digital, with thinner lines, connected to lightness and well-being. The graphics refer to the sensations generated by the good hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin, and dopamine), which are released as a result of physical activity. The photographic style comes as a real representation of the movement, bringing unusual points of view of athletes during and after exercise. The work was materialised to ensure a connected brand experience. The entire process included research, diagnostics, positioning, visual identity, tone of voice, e-commerce, content platform, physical store layout and packaging.

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“Track&Field takes on the role of a light, vibrant and inspiring brand that encourages movement beyond performance – from the product line to their way of expressing themselves, and opening space for exchanges and managing to connect with important current issues.”

Felipe Luz, Director and Partner of FutureBrand São Paulo.
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