Magnati - FutureBrand


Payments into possibilities


How we pay and take payments for goods and services is changing. As our lives have become more digitised so have the methods of processing and handling transactions. Consumers' desire for simplicity, frictionless living and connectivity has driven a revolution in the world of payments, leaving the legacy systems - that fuelled the previous generation of transactions and payments - no longer fit for purpose. Cheque anyone?


First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) had been at the forefront of these changes in payments infrastructure and innovation, working with SMEs and large global corporations to revolutionise the payment landscape. But with the rise of challenger brands in this space such as Square, Adyen and Stripe all bringing a fresh and differentiated approach to brand and communications, meant FAB's association with the more traditional banking sector had left them looking more ‘old guard’ than the vanguard of digital payments that they actually were. FutureBrand's challenge was to help FAB reclaim the leadership role by creating a fresh new brand and identity that all FAB's digital payments services, solutions and innovations could be part of and pave the way for an exciting new company that would stand alone from FAB.


FutureBrand's research showed us that most businesses don’t give much thought to their payments function. They see it as something that sits between them and their customers. A source of cost, rather than a lever of profit. But our brand idea - Payments into Possibilities - turns that on its head. By focusing on all the amazing benefits that FAB's intelligent payments platform could bring to the businesses to help them grow, Magnati unleashed the potential of payments and made commerce count. By turning payments into possibilities, we are the payments partner that keeps our customers in front of their competition.

Being at the forefront of the payment innovation landscape meant that we needed a bold and differentiating identity which brought to life the magnetic qualities of the brand.

Setting the tone with our logo, we created a powerful typographic mark which embodies the unique magnetic qualities of the Magnati brand. This magnetic behaviour comes to life across all touchpoints and serves as a rich storytelling element that is woven throughout the brand experience, resulting in a charged and energetic identity at the heart of turning payments into possibilities.


Magnati is proud to have received the “Best Retail Payment Implementation”, “Best Innovative Payment Solution” and “Most Innovative Digital Wallet Deployment” awards at the MEAFinance Banking Technology Awards 2022.

These awards highlight Magnati’s focus on providing digital payment solutions that enable clients to provide the best services to their customers.