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A brand built to connect with its community

Founded more than a century ago to serve a post-Civil War Pennsylvania community, Geisinger today is nationally known for its innovative programs and approach to patient care. As a fully integrated system, Geisinger’s primary care and specialists, hospitals and trauma centres, insurance, medical education and research work together to improve health and share innovation. At the heart of this robust community are their patients, members, employees, medical students and neighbours. While the organisation’s start was very much in keeping with a local by-your-bootstraps attitude, times had changed, and the proud working-class region needed more from its healthcare organisation. The brand itself did not reflect the personal and powerful nature of healthcare in this region. The Geisinger brand needed to take on the health of the community as a personal responsibility, neighbour to neighbour.

Geisinger engaged FutureBrand to define and express a brand that felt true to its local aspirations while positioning the organisation’s national reputation in service of its community. Internal and external research ultimately uncovered an opportunity to elevate the connection between community members and caregivers. The idea of empowerment made its way into every aspect of the brand, allowing Geisinger to clarify their offering in a way that made sense to its community. Geisinger’s new brand debuted through a new brand campaign and revamped website, demonstrating their new expressive design system in action. Adopted enthusiastically internally, the brand has also measured meaningful increases in both awareness and loyalty.

Visual Identity for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry
Geisinger visual identity pharmaceuticals and healthcare branding
FutureBrand Geisinger branding identity
Geisinger Hospital visual brand identity

“We have been so thrilled that our brand positioning is so applicable in this unprecedented situation. We didn’t have to take down our brand advertising and have been able to extend it to truly meet the moment. Having the playbook in place has allowed our internal team to spin up all the necessary materials for this situation (new wayfinding, new patient and employee education materials, infographics for consumers) with much more ease. The brand expression platform we have in place made it easy for us to ramp up quickly, at a moment when we didn’t have a second to waste.”

Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing Officer
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